Whether you are currently a sole trader, own a limited company or are thinking of starting a new business venture, MBL Business Services will make sure that you are fully aware of the options available to you. We will be happy to offer professional advice on:

  • Limited Company versus Sole Trader – considering which structure best suits your business by talking through the pro and cons of each as well as determining potential tax breaks.
  • Vat Registration – Ascertaining whether you need to register, and if so, when; establishing what scheme is most suitable; as well as advising on your obligations with HMRC.
  • Submitting tax returns and paying tax – We can advise on any deadlines you need to meet regarding filing returns and paying tax.
  • Setting up a Limited Company – As well as forming the company itself, we can take you through the legal and financial considerations.
  • Running your business – From invoicing your customers to payroll and bookkeeping, we can help you to make sure that your business is a well run operation.

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MBL Accountants are always on-hand to answer any questions I might have. They have helped me make the transition from Sole trader to a Limited company making sure that all the right things are in place to take my business in a new direction.
David Brown, Haslemere